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Feb 10, 2013 11:10pm EST
getting a bad rap. >> i was talking about this with angie goth this morning. her baby is due in june. snake babies are also analytical, so her baby could turn out to be a meteorologist. >>> showers around, a wet start tomorrow but a dry finish. tuesday is looking good. another chance of rain on wednesday. we're going to keep a close eye on that. no real super cold in place for that, but the cold air is back next weekend. highs in the 30s. maybe a chance of snowflakes >> "sports final" is next. . >>> tonight on "sports final," a tough time for the terps. while virginia hits all the right notes in an acc matchup. >> it's just about taking baby steps. >> rg-3 speaks out about his walk to recovery. and turning the page. >> i feel great about our team. i feel even better this year. >> trying to erase the memories of last year's playoff loss. we're towing the rubber. "sports final" starts now. thanks for stay with with us. just a little over a month left in the college basketball regular season. little went right today for maryland. while virginia is rolling on with plans of playing on lat
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1